Used 1st stage Centac CV1 rotor assy. for sale: impeller 7x11895, pinion 5x12743 rev. B / Do sprzedaży używany zespół wirujący 1-go stopnia, sprężarka Centac CV1: wirnik 7x11895, wałek 5x12743
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services and maintenance

With our long-standing experience and hardware facilities we offer a full range of services for air compressor users Centac, Cameron, Cooper, Joy, Atlas Copco and other producers in order to improve the reliability and capacity of machines.

As part of the repair and maintenance services we carry out the following:

1. Repair and maintenance works:

  • repairs and inspections of the mechanical part of machines
  • repairs and inspections of the flowing system
  • repairs and inspections of the control and capacity regulation systems
  • renovations of the control and capacity regulation systems

2. Workshop repair and maintenance works:

  • refurbishment of slide bearings
  • refurbishment of high-speed pinions
  • reconstruction of impeller blade geometry
  • dynamic balancing of rotors in compliance with VDI standards

3. Technical consultancy services