Used 1st stage Centac CV1 rotor assy. for sale: impeller 7x11895, pinion 5x12743 rev. B / Do sprzedaży używany zespół wirujący 1-go stopnia, sprężarka Centac CV1: wirnik 7x11895, wałek 5x12743
Second hand MP3 control panels for sell / Używane panele sterujące MP3
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control systems

With regard to the control systems of centrifugal air compressors, we offer the technologically advanced and proven solutions of Case Controls for individual machines and superior control systems.

The offered Case Controls products replace all of the solutions used so far for Centac compressors and provide the possibilities to extend the system without the interference of the manufacturer’s service.

Our offer also includes second-hand MP3 and CMC controllers dedicated by Ingersoll Rand the manufacturer of the compressors.