Used 1st stage Centac CV1 rotor assy. for sale: impeller 7x11895, pinion 5x12743 rev. B / Do sprzedaży używany zespół wirujący 1-go stopnia, sprężarka Centac CV1: wirnik 7x11895, wałek 5x12743
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spare parts

It is one of the main elements of our know-how. Our experience in the trade and extensive contacts among the manufacturers of spare parts specially for Centac turbocompresors Centac and Cameron/Cooper , allow us to deliver top-quality products in a short time and at competitive prices.

Thanks to our cooperation with many key manufacturers and suppliers of mechanical subassemblies, automation components and seals for industrial machines, our offer includes a wide range of deliveries of spare parts for air compressors.


  • slide bearings
  • carbon seals
  • impellers
  • high-speed pinions
  • gear wheels
  • couplings


  • flaps
  • actuators
  • positioners
  • temperature and pressure sensors
  • analogue anti-pumping systems
  • subassemblies of vibration measurement systems
  • control panel components

We also supply filtration elements such as:

  • preliminary and absolute air filters
  • control air filters
  • oil filters
  • oil mist traps